Referral program of Bizonex exchange

Referrer, hereinafter — the Referrer is a user, who registers another user by his referral link.

The Referral is a user, who has registered by the referral link.

The Referrer’s bonus is a percent of commission fee being paid by his referrals. The amount of bonus depends on the amount of traded value of the referrer himself and his referrals according to the table.

The Referral’s bonus is a discount for the exchange’s trading commission for a certain period.

The exchange’s commission is a commission fee being paid during settlement of the transaction. Value 0.2 % for the taker and maker parties to the transaction.

In order to become the Referrer the user shall proceed as follows:

  1. Register on and confirm your email:
  2. Enter the framework and go to the “Referral program” tab.
  3. Click the button “Invite now”, which will generate a link or QR-code for you. The link is not time limit.
  4. Send the given link or the code to your friends, share it in social networks.

As soon as somebody has followed your link, registered and confirmed his email, you will become the referrer. The number of referrals is displayed in a personal account.

After the user follows the referral link for the first time, the system remembers your referrer for the period of 1 month. Registration through this browser will attach the user to this referrer for the period of one month.

In case of following several referral links, the author of the last link will become you referrer.

Referrer’s Bonus

The referrer receives the payments in the form of share of the total amount of commissions, which has been paid by his referrals. The share value depends on the referrer status.

The payments are made immediately after execution of order by the referral taking into account the free capacity of the exchange and inquiry processing speed. The payments are performed directly to the wallets of the referrer’s exchange in the currency, which was used for payment of commission fee by the referral.

The referrer’s status depends on the total turnover of all the referrals and the referral himself. The number of referrals does not matter, only the total traded value of referrals and referrer is taken into account.

The correspondence of status, discounts and bonuses is given in the table*

*The referrer’s status is updated and confirmed every 30 days according to the conditions.

In order to become a referral the user should:

  1. Follow the referral link and register on
  2. Confirm email

The referral’s bonus

The referrals get 20% discount to the exchange’s trading commission (in the status of taker and maker).

The given discount is valid within 3 months from the moment of registration by referral link. In case during that 3-month period the referral attracts other referrals by his link, then in addition to the discount of 20% he also can receive bonuses and statuses as a referrer.


Ivan has registered himself at the exchange and confirmed the email. He pays standard 0.2% taker and 0.2% maker commission. Then, he is inviting Vasiliy through the referral link.

Ivan gets the status of New referrer.

Vasiliy registers by link and within 90 days pays 0.16% taker and 0.16% maker commission.

Till the Ivan’s status remains New referrer, 20 % of commission paid by Vasiliy are accrued to Ivan. After 90 days, the accruals to Ivan from Vasiliy will increase, because the Vasiliy’s temporary discount for commission is over.

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